Siberia’s Luxury Eco Resorts

Spend your days exploring the great outdoors then rejuvenate your body in a Russian Banya, feast on traditional Russian cuisine and finally fall to sleep in a luxurious room of a Siberian Eco Resort.

These five Siberian eco resorts will provide the very best of adventure and relaxation for an unforgettable stay.

1) Sheregesh, Gubernskaya Hotel

Located at the foot of Mount Zelyonaya in Sheregesh, the Gubernskaya Hotel features direct access to the ski resort and lifts. This eco style hotel is home to exquisite cuisine, an international selection of wines and comfortable rooms with quality vintage furniture and hand-crafted decorations.

Gubernskaya has a special atmosphere of hospitality, informality and the elusive charm of Provence style. This is the ideal place to enjoy the expansive ski resort before returning to the luxury of the hotel.

2) Belokurikha,Echo

Echo is a four star ecolodge located in a secluded corner of Belokuriha, surrounded by forest. Here there is ample opportunity to experience outdoor activities and sports including skiing, swimming, hiking and ice-skating. After a day of exploring the area, visitors can rejuvenate the body and mind in the numerous resorts and spas which Belokuriha is known for.

3) Atlai, Altay-resort

Altay Resort is a nature and recreation complex located away from the tourist centers in the picturesque area of the Altai Mountains. Tucked into a hidden valley, surrounded by mountain ranges, the resort is set amid lush forests of pine and larch. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of wild nature and the vital energy of the Altai Mountains.

Altay Resort offers a unique and pleasant experience with a modern medical center, tours in protected places and eco-friendly products. Additionally the resort features a Russian restaurant, a wellness area and a Banya, a shooting range and a reindeer farm. The quietness, comfort and peace of mind are what makes this exotic resort a very memorable trip.

4) Kamchatka Peninsula, Park Hotel North Adventures

Park Hotel Northern Adventures is a spa resort in Kamchatka, often called the land of fire and ice. The relaxed modern style, comfortable rooms and apartments with all the luxury comforts allow its few visitors to relax amongst the unique landscape.

The kitchen features the freshest seafood to appease your appetite. The outdoor pool filled with water from healing hot springs can be enjoyed in any weather and is the perfect place to end the day.

5) Buryatia, Lake Baikal, Terem-Club

Terem Club is situated on the shoreline of Lake Baikal in Buryatia. The hotel has its own outdoor swimming pool, a Russian banya and a restaurant serving Russian cuisine. This hotel caters to eco tourism is recommended for a relaxed and comfortable stay.

The hotel was built from environmentally friendly materials with traditional Russian technologies. Log houses have long been considered an ideal in the area because the air is clean and the humidity is regulated resulting in warm winters and cool summers. A 50 meter walk to the sandy shoreline of Lake Baikal makes for endless possibilities for relaxation or adventure.

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