Dubai Hotels In Uae And Dubai Hotel Apartments Cater To Different Needs

Dubai in UAE is an increasingly important destination for travelers from all over the world. To cater to these travelers, who might be corporate business travelers seeking luxury accommodation, or budget-minded tourists looking for inexpensive accommodation, an increasing number of hotels and hotel apartments are becoming available in Dubai.

Dubai hotels charge differing rates during different seasons. Rates can be cheaper during the hot season from May through September (temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius) and higher during October through April.

Dubai hotel apartments offer a flexible alternative to hotels. They are available at different locations with differing facilities and you can choose one that meets your preferences regarding location, services and cost.

What is it that attracts an increasing number of travelers from all over the world to Dubai?

Dubai is a Hub of Several Things

Dubai shopping is something that almost all travelers (and many non-travelers) will be aware of. The duty free shops offer not only cheap prices but also a huge variety of goods.

For the tourists, Dubai offers varied attractions like sand dunes, beaches, the sea, dhows, oases and heritage sights. Dhows are large ocean-going boats that traversed the seas in ancient times. The Hajar Mountains is a major desert attraction that includes a green oasis. There is a heritage village that shows how Dubai was in an earlier time.

For the business traveler, there is much business in Dubai. The city has free industry zones like the renowned Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. The Dubai Financial Market transacts billions of dollars in securities trade. The largest man-made harbor in the world is at the Jebel Ali port of Dubai.

For sports enthusiasts, there are many events like Formula car races, tennis and other tournaments, camel races and so on organized in Dubai.

Dubai Hotels

There are luxury five-star hotels run by world’s top hotel chains like Radisson, catering mainly to business travelers. The world’s tallest and most expensive hotel, Burj Al Arab, shaped like a billowing sail, rises over 300 meters on a man-made island off Jumeirah Beach.

Then there are small and big budget hotels, located at different locations, with different prices. You can select a Dubai hotel that is near the particular attraction you are interested in, and one that fits your budget.

Dubai Hotel Apartments

You can also rent an apartment in a location of your choice. Apartments come furnished or unfurnished, with a range of different facilities. Some might offer a full range of services including housekeeping, food delivery and laundry while others can be more modest accommodation with less frills.


Dubai offers numerous heritage and modern attractions, including tourist, business and sport attractions, with the result that there is an ever increasing flow of travelers to the city.

A large number of Dubai hotels and hotel apartments are available to cater to these travelers, whether they are corporate business travelers or budget-conscious tourists.

The Dubai hotels can range from the world’s most expensive Burj Al Arab to modestly priced hotels. The Dubai hotel apartments offer flexible locations and a varying range of facilities.

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