Mini-hotels Mini-homes In Saint-petersburg

North Venice is ready to offer its guests different kinds of accommodation according to their personal tastes and likes. A demand for cozy, comfortable and convenient numbers is as big as never before. That has become the reason of mini-hotels appearing in Saint-Petersburg.

Mini-hotels appeared in Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of nineties. By the beginning of XXI century there was nearly two tens of mini-hotels in North Venice. Our city was preparing to celebrate its three-hundredth anniversary and raised the question of building and reconstruction of existing hotels. That became the reason of much faster mini-hotels appearing and development.

Our city offers nearly three hundred mini-hotels of different class and standard business and economy class, family mini-hotels Like Home standard, exclusive mini-hotels, which level of comfort ability exceeds even 5-star hotels.

Mini-hotels are spread all around the city, but the main part of them is situated in the center of Saint-Petersburg. It is connected with closeness to main sights of the city. Living in the center, guests can fully enjoy and feel romantic and beautiful atmosphere of Saint-Petersburg.

Mini-hotel main differ from an ordinary hotel is in quantity of numbers. Number fund of mini-hotel doesn’t usually exceed 30 numbers. Prices for accommodation depend on the level of the hotel and quality of its services. Usually prices vary from 500 4000 rubles for twenty-four hours, including breakfast. As a rule mini-hotels accommodate from 10-40 guests (depends on the number fund of the hotel).

Level of mini-hotels comfort in Saint-Petersburg is equal to big hotels. Numbers contain all necessary: shower, lavatory, TV, telephone. High class mini-hotels contain also conditioner, refrigerator, safe, mini-bar and free access to the Internet. Usually there is a lump sum kitchen, where breakfast is prepared. There are some services for extra-pay in mini-hotels from laundry to transfer booking.

Mini-hotels differ from each other with their design. Usually their interior is very house-like to make guests feel like at home on a new place. But there are some mini-hotels made in original style, retro or Victorian style for example.

System of mini-hotels number-booking is very simple. You can book a number through telephone or by sending a book request through Internet.

To sum up, we can pick out several advantages of mini-hotels, such as small size, calm habitation, good disposition, comfortable booking system, cozy and comfortable numbers and not high prices. All this makes mini-hotels a worthy competitor to other accommodation facilities.

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