A Romantic Vacation In Cuba The Perfect Valentine’s Day Break

Venice, Paris, Seville and Prague may have a reputation for making the best romantic breaks, but as love and romance are often supposed to be linked to the unexpected, how about choosing a more unconventional location for your Valentine’s Day break this year? I speak of course of Cuba the Caribbean’s largest island. From the picturesque beaches, to the idyllic architecture and cosy restaurants, the island makes a memorable retreat sure to keep the flames of passion alive at least until you return to rainy old England! A Valentines break, or even a honeymoon in Cuba, is something special which will stay with you for a long time.

So why Cuba? First of all, Valentine’s Day is a big deal on the island. While it’s easy to become jaded in a country where the celebration seems to be more about saccharine sweet greeting cards than about celebrating the love of your special one, Cubans make the day really special. To begin with, the buildings public and private alike are decked out with colourful lights, and some of the private homes have gifts attached to the walls too inside and out! This combined with the usual local atmosphere of friendliness guarantees an atmosphere perfect for Valentines day holiday makers, and make the ideal setting for ‘popping the question’ should you feel so inclined. If you have just celebrated a February marriage, honeymoons in Cuba are especially romantic around Valentines Day, and you’ll be guaranteed a friendly welcome and an enjoyable stay which will ensure you never want to leave.

In terms of specific romantic places to visit on the island, there are just too many to mention, and part of the charm of a Cuba holiday is that there are thousands of undiscovered choice spots for couples to enjoy a picnic, watch the sunset or just recline under the stars. However, there are a few places which are undisputed romantic vacation highlights of the island Old Havana itself is very much a focal point, and allows for all tastes amidst it’s 18th century colonial architecture from candlelit dinners to passionate salsa dance.

Another choice romantic vacation spot is El Salton not a spot on the tourist trail, but wonderfully peaceful and charming. The waterfall is surrounded by vibrant cocoa plantations, cooling streams and mountain farms. If you prefer something a little more populated, then the city of Bayamo offers a cultural alternative. The city hosts the national monument, plenty of history and excellent food for that perfect candle lit dinner. Additionally, the troubadours stroll through the town, allowing the romance to overspill from the homes into the streets. Baracoa offers a romantic break somewhere between the peace of the countryside and the bustle of the city. Baracoa has historic links to Velasquez and Columbus, and is surrounded by the beauty of Cuban nature 10 rivers, isolated beaches, small fishing settlements, UNESCO designated biospheres, mountains, and coconut plantations.

Everything is ready for the perfect romantic break in Cuba this Valentine’s Day. The hotels often have special Valentines Day break packages, and the restaurants usually offer special menus, to give you a memorable occasion. With some fine food and wine, how you spend the rest of the evening is up to you fiery Latin dance or a night out on the isolated beaches under the stars Cuba really has something for every couple with an imagination for the romantic. Whether you’re looking for a memorable Valentines Day break or to spend your honeymoon in Cuba, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the romance department.

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