Taking A Delayed Honeymoon Vacation

It’s no secret we would all love to take our dream honeymoon vacation as soon as we tie the knot. Reality, however can dictate a different timeline. Whether you get married in the winter, fall, summer or spring, there is an ideal destination and itinerary for each location. Because of this, many couples are foregoing their honeymoon vacation to ensure financial security in the short run and putting off recreational costs, although a very important one, to a later date. This isn’t to say the honeymoon can not be taken years later, but it should be planned for both verbally and financially.
You are now married, and have decided to start saving each month for your honeymoon vacation. So where should you go? You could always go to the islands of Hawaii, visiting Oahu, Maui, Kaui or Big Island. Since Hawaii is part of the United States you can enjoy all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen while maintaining the feel of traveling abroad.
If you get married in the winter time, and decide to stick with a colder climate theme, one can always take a Cruise to Alaska for their honeymoon. Some activities popular in Alaska are of course Glacier viewing, where you and your loved one can see the splendor and magnitude of these gargantuan ice spawns of nature, or partake in Kayaking / river rafting if you are the more adventurous type. Fishing, eco-tours, and even mountain climbing (not all of Alaska is covered in ice!), are more activities to facilitate a memorable vacation.
Or perhaps the leaves are just beginning to turn, and the autumn air is beaconing you to explore Europe. First off, the city of love, Paris, where you can gaze up at the Eiffel Tower sharing a kiss with your soul mate. Europe is simply and old country with many nostalgic sites such as castles. You can also view Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof in Munich Germany where the castle rises out of the fog like a lighthouse welcoming home it’s travelers. And if you are religious the Vatican in Rome will prove to be an inspiring and spiritual experience cementing your love with your recent soul mate.
Looking to take that summer honeymoon you will never forget? Look no further than the Islands of the Caribbean. You can mix your love of the aquatic life, with underwater adventure with a submarine visit in Aruba, where you and your loved one will explore one-hundred plus feet deep into the sea witnessing the Caribbean as only the coral reefs see it. Or witness natures greatest miracle, birth, with the turtles on Nevis beach where they lay their eggs. Take a bike ride in St. Lucia, or go under a waterfall in Grenada. You can even partake in role playing (a good way to truly let your guard down around someone – good for trust / relationship building!) where you play as 17th century pirates in the Bahamas at an interactive museum in Nassau.
Whether you got married in the winter time, fall, or summer spring months there is always a honeymoon vacation that is right for you. Even if you got married months or years ago, you can enjoy a vacation once you are financially stable. Honeymoons aren’t just for the rich, so be sure to plan yours now, rather than later.

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