Stay In London Hotels And Explore The London City From Close

London truly lives up to its reputation as one of the most visited cities in the world. Thus, in keeping with this tradition, London offers best accommodation to its visitors. Hotels in London are a great place to stay which offers some of the sophisticated facilities and world class services. London hotels are internationally world famous for their hospitality and reception, making them simply admirable. Hotels in London ensures that every visitor to the city, whether business or leisure, make the most of their stay in the city.

London offers plethora of accommodations ranging from hostels, bed and breakfast (B&Bs), apartments, inns, cheap and budget hotels to five star luxury hotels. Depending on your budget, need and purpose, you can select from the various accommodations available.

London is the capital and also the largest city in United Kingdom, England, and in Western Europe. It is also one of the global cities as it is a commercial hub of leading business, financial and cultural centers. The rich history of the city makes it one of the best known cities on earth. Wonderfully blessed with abundance of art galleries, museums, lush public parks, historical sites, colossal museums and iconic landmarks; the city of London is a hot travel destination. Museum lovers can have the lifetime experience as most of the city museums charge no entrance fee, which gives the visitors the golden chance to make multiple visits.

When you are in London, some of the best known places of interest and tourist attractions which are a must see includes:

Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster: Visit the seat of the British parliament in the region of St. James, which is also one of the well known UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Museums: The city offers many museums to the visitors. Some of the best known museums include Tate Modem, Tate Britain, National Gallery, British Museum and National Portrait Gallery. There are also good museums in Greenwich. Donations to the museums are much welcome, although entry to museums are free.

Buckingham Palace: Your visit to the city of London is incomplete without visiting the Buckingham Palace. The official residence of Queen is famous worldwide. You can visit this grand palace only during summer season when the gates are opened for tours and trips.

Trafalgar Square: Pay your homage to the great admiral Nelson at the Trafalgar Square. It is home to Nelson’s Column and the lions.

The London Eye: Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, the London Eye is renowned for being the world’s third largest observation wheel. You can get an inspiring bird’s view of London from here.

All-Harrows-by-the-Tower: Saxon undercroft of this church makes it worth a visit. This church has been standing on its site with pride since AD 675 before it was re-erected post World War II.

Parks: The greenery of London offer lots of space for parks. Come and relaxed in the well maintained and beautiful public parks of London. The city boasts of bounteous parks, whether big or small. Hyde Park and St James Park are among the well known ones. The royal estates also have picturesque parks.

Enjoy your stay in the city as you explore the beauty and marvel at its rich history.

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