Ten Places You Can Explore In The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a part of the Caribbean countries. Like any other Caribbean country, this is a favorite tourist destination by families, friends and, most especially, newlyweds who are on their honeymoons. Here are the ten places that you should definitely explore when you are in the Dominican Republic.

1.) Colonial Zone

You can get to see magnificent views of the Alcazar and the bay area in this area of Santo Domingo. Once here, you should also visit one of the historical houses where Ponce DeLeon lived in before he went on a journey to find the fountain of youth and accidentally discovered Florida. You should also see here the Ozama Fort as well as the Cathedral.

2.) Malecon

This is a waterfront avenue where you will see lots of hotels and casinos. You can also eat in this district’s numerous restaurants to get a taste of the local cuisine. Also, you have numerous shops to explore.

3.) Plaza de la Cultura

This is the area where the National Theater is located. You can also see here the Museum of Modern Art as well as other museums. But the most popular is the Museum of Modern Art because it houses exhibits from famous local artists as well as artists from other countries like Jamaica and Bahamas as well as Puerto Rico.

4.) Upscale Santo Domingo

In Upscale Santo Domingo, you will get the opportunity to explore the many shops that dot the principal avenues such as Abraham Lincoln as well as Winston Churchill. You will also love visiting quaint and expensive boutiques. Do not forget to sample its many restaurants as well as cafes.

5.) Parque Mirador Sor

If you are tired of modern Dominican Republic, then its time to get to know the floras and faunas of the Dominican Republic by visiting the Parque Mirador Sor. This is a very beautiful and remarkable park. You can also visit the Jardin Botanico from here, another lush park.

6.) Eastern Santo Domingo

Explore Tres Ojos which is also called Three Eyes because it is a cavern with an underground lake and an open roof. After your visit here, then go on to Faro where you will see a lighthouse. There is also a monument there that was erected in memory of Christopher Columbus, which now serves as a museum as well as his burial site.

7.) Casa De Campo Resort

You can explore this known resort located in La Romana. Here, you will definitely enjoy modern amenities as well as enjoy water activities like swimming and snorkeling. You should also explore La Romana’s restaurants and sample the local cuisine.

8.) The Village of Bonao

This is a wonderful spot for those who love nature. In this idyllic village, you can rent a motorbike and drive yourself around Bonao and get to know its culture. You can also opt to go horseback riding as well as go hiking to reach the waterfalls where you can take a dip or swim.

9.) Cabarete

This is fondly called the city of kite surfing as well as wind surfing. If you are fond of adventure and extreme sports, then Cabarete is the perfect place for you because of these exhilarating sports. You can also visit the bars at night and go bar hopping, but a word of caution though, do not walk alone at night in the beach or in its main street.

10.) Jarabacao

The best way to explore Jarabacao is to rent a motorcycle as this is the primary mode of transportation here. Once here, you can visit the Salto de Jimenoa, a beautiful waterfall that also has a pool where you can dive and swim in. You can also explore its other waterfalls like the Baiguate and the El Limon Waterfalls as well as the Ojo de Agua Waterfalls.

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