Ten Adventures You Can Take In The Caymen Islands

The Caymen Islands is a popular tourist destination because of its pristine and magnificent beaches. It is also a popular honeymoon vacation spot where a lot of newlyweds spend their honeymoons or even get married there. Here are ten things that a visitor should do when he sets foot in the Caymen Islands.

1.) Take a relaxing cruise

The Caymen Islands is popular because of their cruises. Who would not want to enjoy the feeling of the sea beneath their feet while they are sipping champagne and feeling the wind against their hair? These cruises are a favorite of honeymooners and senior citizens alike wherein they can just relax and have some quality time together.

2.) Resort hopping

If you have lots of money, then resort hopping is a good idea. Get to know more about the citizens of the Caymen Islands by staying in locally-owned resorts. Their service is excellent, and you can learn a lot about their culture from them also.

3.) Tour the Grand Cayman

There are special tours that will take you around the island. You can take them and visit Grand Cayman’s shopping district as well as go to some snorkeling trips. These tours will also bring you to the pirate caves and shipwrecks where you will see a part of the Caymen Islands’ history.

4.) Go bird watching

Grand Cayman is a perfect place to go bird watching if you are a nature lover. With this bird watching trips, you can also get to see the many beautiful sites of the island. You will also get to visit Bodden town, famous for the Ten Sails wreck.

5.) Take a seven-hour tour

This is a great way to see the island. Here, your tour guide will take you on a seven-day tour around the island, visiting famous places like Seven Mile Beach, Bodden Town and George Town among others. You will also get to visit the famous Stingray Sandbar and get to go snorkeling.

6.) Take the Silver Thatch Excursion

Silver Thatch offers an eco tour, which any visitor to the CAymen Islands would love to take. In this eco tour, you will be going on an excursion along the Mastic Trail where you will get to see tropical birds as well as its natural faunas. The eco tour will also take you to historical sites.

7.) Explore the Cayman Wall Reef

This is a great idea for the whole family. The family can book themselves aboard the Atlantis Submarine, a passenger submarine that can accommodate 48 passengers, and get the trip of their lifetime, or they can take a two-person submersible craft trip (perfect for honeymooners). They will enjoy the scenery of the underwater marine animals and plants.

8.) Walk along the parks

The Caymen Islands also has a variety of parks that adults and children alike can enjoy. They can also visit the Blue Iguana trail and get to see sculptures of iguanas scattered all over the island. This is a great way to interest your children to tour the island on foot as they catch” iguanas around the island.

9.) Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

This is a great place to visit as you are going to see here a lot of plants and flowers. You will also enjoy the Heritage Garden here as well as the Floral Colour Garden, and you can also visit the butterflies and the blue iguanas. There is also the Woodland Trail that you can visit.

10.) Go snorkeling and scuba diving

The Caymen Islands is known for the wonderful reefs it has. These reefs contain a variety of fishes and marine plants that anybody who goes snorkeling or scuba diving will enjoy them. You do not have to worry about your scuba diving and snorkeling equipments as you can just rent them in some stores.

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