Student Travel, Adventure Travel And Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets

People travel for many reasons. Students are usually more adventurous than the average person down the block and they love to travel. Usually the reason the student will tell you that they travel is for fun, excitement or adventure. Lured by cheap student travel packages and dirt cheap airline tickets, there is little doubt that fun and excitement are the main purpose for the trip. Sometimes, however, the most important thing about traveling may have little to do with the intention for going. Often the byproducts of travel, experiencing the world, learning about different cultures, seeing places of history, firsthand looks at geography, these may not be the reason for the trip but their longer-term affect on the person traveling may be more valuable and memorable than all the fun and excitement that happened along the way. Add the advantage of dirt cheap airline tickets and other student travel advantages and you can’t go wrong.

Many times the adventurous nature of students and their general lack of funds for lavish accommodations cause the student traveler to be more receptive to the possibility of getting away from the main tourist attractions. By staying off the beaten path the student can be exposed to the real daily experiences and cultural differences often not seen by the more experienced and better funded traveler. There are actually many more beautiful places, with great scenery available off the beaten track than on. This type of travel is certainly more for the truly adventurous, but it can afford the person willing to do it the opportunity to associate with the locals, experience their culture firsthand, and even learn and grow in the process. In this time of fuel surcharges and fewer inexpensive and almost no dirt cheap airline tickets, tighter budgets reign.

Ironically, the student traveler who realizes he or she must plan ahead and cannot afford the room rates or meals at the most expensive destination resorts benefit in the process, by rubbing elbows with many more local inhabitants of the countries in which they are traveling. Locals recognize the student traveler for the adventurous and curious person that he is and will go out of their way to share information about the best inexpensive local restaurants, local beaches where the sand is just as white, and the water just as cool as those adjacent to the most expensive destination resorts. In these ways, the student traveler has many advantages over their more wealthy counterparts and may return from a trip with more cultural insights, having seen even more remarkable scenery than someone else who spent twice the money. Limited dirt cheap airline tickets just call for more imagination and tightening the belt elsewhere.

A remarkable advantage of student travel is that there are prearranged inexpensive lodging and meals at hostels, campsites and other destinations that cater to students. Another irony of student travel is that because the student is not supposed or expected to be traveling with a large amount of money, the student is less likely to be targeted for robbery even though he may be staying somewhat off the usual tourist beat. Travel by its very nature is one of the most educational and culturally rewarding experiences one can have. No matter what the stated purpose of the trip might be, it is very likely that the ancillary benefits, especially the student traveler can obtain are the more lasting value. These may include the greater memories, the more lasting friendships, the more amazing sights, the better, less expensive meals and lodging, the overall greater appreciation of the cultural differences as well as the better recognition of the basic human good within people everywhere.

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