Secret Of How To Cruise Like A Millionaire!

Do you love cruise vacations but find them way too
expensive? Are you looking for the exceptional and unique in
sea travel? Then you may want to consider a freighter

To really enjoy a freighter cruise, you must be flexible and
acknowledge that cargo movements govern all schedules and
itineraries. Period.

When traveling alone, the charge will be between $65 to $125
USD per day. Always request a single cabin because a double
will cost significantly more. When only doubles are
available, the extra may be sufficient to make you think
about a different voyage altogether, or wait for a later
voyage when a single cabin is available.

Two people booking a double cabin will usually pay less per
person than one person booking a single cabin, although on
some lines these fares are the same, and in a few cases, can
be even less than the double fare per person.

Usually a freighter carries no more than twelve passengers,
but in many cases only five or six. Any more than twelve
passengers requires the ship to employ a doctor. All
passengers must provide a medical certificate signed by both
their physician and themselves, confirming that they are
able to travel on a freighter where there is no doctor on

All suites and staterooms are spacious, well furnished and
equipped to a good standard, some with a TV/VCR and
refrigerator. They come with private bathrooms and air
conditioning. Located on the upper decks and on the outside
of the vessel, all cabins have windows; however, the view
can sometimes be blocked by containers stowed on deck. Bed
linen and towels are changed once or twice a week.

Swimming pools, saunas and fitness rooms, are normally
provided as well as passenger lounges with TV/VCR and stereo
sets and small video and book libraries. Deck space can be
limited but there’s always room for sunbathing, and deck
chairs are usually available.

The fare includes accommodation and three meals per day.
Passengers dine with the ship’s officers and, on many
vessels, enjoy complimentary wine at lunch and dinner. The
pantry is usually always open to anyone fancying a light
snack. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available on
all vessels, at duty free prices.

Your fellow passengers will be people who love adventure and
who do not enjoy regimentation. Organized activities are not
for them! They are frequently people who can take lengthy
periods of time off, such as teachers, people who run their
own businesses and retired folk.

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