Do Exercises Make You Thinner?

Morning beach walkers and those who sweat out at the air conditioned gyms, seem to be obese and endeavor their time towards some sort of physical activity in their bid to lose weight.

Health conscious people will be much aware of the article in time magazine that was published a year ago with the title “exercise doesn”t make you thinner”. The magazine stated a reason that working out in gym can reduce your fat, but at the same time it also stimulates you to consume more calories than the amount you shed at the gym.

This claim by time magazine had their fair share of opposes too, with many of the fitness experts retaliating by saying that the people who exercise never seemed to get fatter and the obese people tend to maintain their weight by working out at the gym.

Various researches have been conducted and there is considerable proof that you will intake the calories based on the activities you do. For instance, if you observe the eating habits of a lumberjack and a tailor you would tend to see that the lumberjack consumes more calories than the tailor, but at the end of the day, both don”t accumulate fat as the lumberjack burns his extra intake of calories through his physical routine.

As you see in the above example, exercise helps you to burn fat, but when you consider the case of a lumberjack who shifts his occupation to that of a tailor, if he doesn”t change his eating habits, then he becomes a candidate to accumulate fat. In the same vein if you consider vice versa the tailor who becomes a lumberjack has a good chance of losing weight and also if he tends to eat more calories than required he may gain weight or remain the same.

There are other interesting studies too like the following one which compared behaviors of two infants and found the fat infant to be relatively lazy and even though the leaner baby consumed more calories, he did not accumulate fat because of his activities.

Even though physical activity plays a major part in maintaining a fit body, one can also feel very tiresome after backbreaking workouts, which makes one to take excess calories which will result in accumulating fat in your body.

You will find out that daily activities play a major role in shaping up one”s body like climbing stairs, walking inside the house and much more. A study has revealed that the lean persons even though consume more calories than the fat ones burn it through their daily physical activities. In contrast, the people who are fat spend 4 times the amount of time spent by lean people on television.

Exercises help in shaping up your body, if you follow a strict diet. There will be no use if you spend hours together on the gym and then get yourself a “Happy Meal”. The key is not to starve yourself by exercising alone and sacrificing your food. Instead you must burn the fat you consume like after working out 2 hours at the gym, you might be tempted to try a cheese burger. Get yourself one, but get ready to do some other activity like taking a walk back home, instead of the cab to shed the calories you consumed.

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