Disney Pin Trading Tips

I’ll be the first to admit that when I first saw collectable pins being sold at the Disney theme parks – along with colored lanyards to display your pins – I thought of it as just another souvenir to collect dust after the vacation. It actually took years for me to come to enjoy pin trading, and while I am far from a major collector or trader, pin trading has come to be a very enjoyable part of our family’s Disney vacations.

There are actual rules and regulations to pin trading, including how pins should be traded (each person puts his pin for trading in the palm of his hand, and trades simultaneously with the other), which pins should be traded (unbroken genuine Disney pins), and where pins can be traded (anywhere, but don’t miss the major trades going on at the tables in front of “Pin Traders” in the Disney Marketplace for some serious action!). What especially appealed to me – and to my children – is the rule that Disney employees must trade with you, and that Disney employees wearing green lanyards can only trade with children. It’s so nice knowing that if you see a pin that you like on a Disney cast member, they will absolutely trade with you. Believe me, it is nearly impossible to negotiate a trade with another Disney guest, as they probably like all of the pins they are wearing. My family doesn’t even bother with the other guests, so instead, pin trading gives us an opportunity to interact with the Disney cast members – who have all been absolutely delightful to meet – as we search for special pins as on a scavenger hunt. One of our favorite Disney days is to spend the afternoon at Downtown Disney (which is free, so we REALLY like to come here!), meeting cast members, trading pins (and of course buying some new ones at Pin Traders), and visiting the fun shops and attractions there.

You can purchase Disney pins and lanyards just about anywhere in Disney World, but to save some money, you can pick up lovely – and inexpensive – Disney-themed lanyards at Wal-Mart. Before a trip, I also buy pins in bulk from EBay, and since we are planning to have fun trading them, we don’t mind at all if they are less desirable designs. Don’t miss out on this fun way to add another dimension to your Disney vacation!

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