The Best Walt Disney Theme Park Rides

Are you planning a holiday to Walt Disney Florida? There are four main theme parks to choose from. There will certainly be plenty of choice. Would you like to what are the must-see recommended rides at Walt Disney World? Thought so, here we go:

5. Turtle Talk with Crush Scare scale (0=Big Girl, 10=Hardcore Rider): 0
This is a clever real-time animation Finding Nemo themed show. The surfing turtle interacts with the kids and adults creating laughs throughout the audience. This ride is great for the younger members of the family.

4. Expedition Everest Scare scale (0=Big Girl, 10=Hardcore Rider): 5
This is a roller coaster that offers good thrills. The ride isn’t anything that different from other roller coasters however add in the amazing and lavish environment and ride story and it comes together to offer a great Disney ride.

3. Mission: SPACE Scare scale (0=Big Girl, 10=Hardcore Rider): 8
Ever wanted to experience a ride in a space shuttle? Well this ride sets out to offer this experience. As you lift off from the small shuttle cabin you will feel the strong G-forces and a enjoy a realistic simulated flight. This one you will remember for a good time after and really isn’t for the faint hearted. It earns a 7 on the scare scale.

2. The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror Scare scale (0=Big Girl, 10=Hardcore Rider): 7
This ride cleverly incorporates an engaging storyline based on the popular Twilight Zone television series with brilliant special effects and a breathtaking freefall drop. Disney has another winner on its hands and should definitely be included in your Disney holiday.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean Scare scale (0=Big Girl, 10=Hardcore Rider): 2
You can experience the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at many of the Disneyland locations including Paris, California and Florida.

This themed ride beautifully blends a fantasy story with high-tech special effects and engaging music is definitely one Disney ride you must experience. The rides vary between parks but include waterfall drops, live stage performances and surprises I’ll leave for you to discover. These are the best of the rides that must be experienced for anyone going on Disney holidays.

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