Great Parks Of Madrid, Spain – Parque Juan Carlos 1

Madrid is the home for many historic monuments, the most ideal place for shopping. It also has many parks which add beauty to the city. One of the parks frequently visited by the tourists is mentioned here.

Parque Juan Carlos 1:
This Park is named after the king Juan Carlos 1 who is currently on the throne. The father of the king was in exile in Italy and during this period Juan Carlos was born. King Juan ascended to the throne in 1975.

This huge park measuring about 220 hectares has a golf ground which itself measures 60 hectares. The park is known to be one of the most beautiful parks in Spain. It is known for its lush greenery, very well planned rows of trees, etc.

Some even call this a theme park. The park is located at a place where the underground water is harnessed to grow the trees and plants. An artificial lake has been created to provide enough underground water to the park. It is a beautiful work of architecture.

Other attractions in the park:
The garden of three cultures is the most attractive part of this park. This theme has been depicted using the three beautifully landscaped areas. Each of the landscape is represented by three cultures namely, the Christian, Muslim and the Jewish culture. The Eden garden representing the Christian culture is depicted by the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. A beautiful structure has also been built to drive home the thought of this culture.

The Arab Garden is represented by a mosque like structure. Further, the Jewish culture is represented by various installations akin to Jewish philosophy. On the top of this is the Mexican corner which depicts the historic and also the mythic view of the park.

The other attraction of this park is the rows of olive trees. There are more than 2000 olive trees. About 10000 trees of other popular varieties are also found here. Varieties of shrubs are grown and it is estimated that there are about 100000 shrubs of different varieties. Another interesting aspect is that about 90000 different varieties of flowers are grown here.

Multimedia show of fountains (water and music) is the centre of attraction during the night time. Accommodation has been provided for about 9000 spectators to view this beautiful show. Enough provision has been made for jogging, walking, cycling and place for relaxing with kith and kin.

One will certainly find heaven in this garden.

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